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Steps to Obtaining your CDL

The first step to joining over 3.5 million truckers the industry that earns over 8% of America's total GDP annually is to obtain your Commercial Driver's License. If you think you're ready to get behind the wheel and tackle the long white line, you've chosen an incredible career path. However, the road to sitting in the first seat is not an easy one; it requires a great deal of practice, research, and dedication to find a truly terrific trucking job. Major recruiters aren't looking for just anyone – they're looking for men and women who have proven skills and know-how to bring on to their teams.

Much like obtaining a Class C license to drive a car, the process of obtaining your CDL begins with qualifying by way of your state's regulations and demonstrating practical knowledge. Before one can even get behind the wheel, they must prove that they have thoroughly studied the ins and outs of truck driving. Hard work will pay off, however, for after one passes the written test and advances to the skills portion of the exam, a CDL is yours and the world of trucking is ready for you. Below is a more detailed infographic about the step-by-step process and how to go about obtaining a CDL.

CDL Acquisition Infographic

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