Express CDL School


  • How do I know if I'd like trucking?
    First thing to ask yourself is if you like the open road, peace & quiet, and driving altogether. If you easily get road rage and dislike sitting in traffic, trucking may not be the best career choice for you. Life is short, do only what truly makes you happy!

  • Is it better to become a truck driver or owner operator?
    Owner operators by far make more money however that comes with a bigger risk and bigger investment on your part. If you're company driver, you'll be driving the company's truck and you won't be responsible for break-downs, taxes, registration...etc.

  • What is the highest paying trucking job?
    You'll make the most as an Over The Road (meaning coast to coast) team truck driver. You and your partner will drive in shirts while the other one sleeps in the truck.

  • What is the best company to work for?
    There are lots of great companies to choose from. If you go with a smaller company, they'll have an open door policy and you'll be treated more like family. Though if you go with a bigger corporation, you'll have a bigger paycheck and more benefits, but really you won't get the same family-type treatment.

  • How difficult are CDL tests?
    If you haven't studied, you will fail. That's being totally honest so make sure to take our free practice cdl tests a few times before you go to the DMV for your actual test!

  • I have questions, can I call you?
    Of course! We'd be more than happy to help.