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In High Demand: Dry Vans

When you are a commercial trucker, what kind of rig will you drive?

Dry vans are always in high demand, and most trucks on the road today are dry vans. A dry van has an enclosed, rigid trailer. It is used to transport many types of freight, but most commonly, they carry goods packed onto standard-sized pallets.

Specialized dry vans include trucks with climate-controlled shipping compartments, most commonly refrigerated trucks. Some dry vans have suspensions designed especially for transporting fragile items. Specialized rigs command premium rates, but may have additional associated costs and be less in-demand in some markets.

In High Demand: Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are also in high demand. They're used for hauling all kinds of irregularly shaped freight: mechanical equipment, vehicles, building materials, and even whole pre-fab buildings. Flatbed trailers come in many forms. Many, like removable gooseneck trailers, step deck trailers and stretch flatbed trailers, are designed for unusually large or tall loads. Lowboys are designed for high loads that are close to the maximum allowed; they provide greater stability.

Other trucking and trailer types include Conestoga trailers and side kit trailers, which have tent-like coverings, and specialized, multi-axle trailers for oversized loads. These flatbed and specialized trailers are usually paired with power-only tractors.

Flatbed rates, like dry van rates, may be higher for hard-to-find trailer types.